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Integrated Program Features
Adolescents quickly learn the tools of the 21st century. Resources such as videography, recording and smart boards are available tools for presentations and research.

With technology becoming an ever-present part of our daily lives, children are inevitably exposed to its various forms starting at a very early age. For the children younger than 6 years old, our focus is to develop the skill of their handwork to the greatest degree possible. This has multiple benefits for both the development of brain function as well as for the confidence level of the child to be able to produce good work with his own hand.

Starting in the elementary program, children have computers available to them to help them research projects as well as to create and edit their written work. Students also use digital cameras and video recorders to supplement and document their work. The connection between the hand and the mind is still incredibly important at this age, so equal attention is given to further develop their handwritten work as well as their technological skills.

Once students reach the Adolescent program, a great deal of their written work is done on the computer, and they become quite adept at a wide range of technologies, such as creating dynamic PowerPoint presentations to show their work. The Community Center at the Huntsburg campus features a state-of-the-art computer lab as well as SmartBoards in each of the seminar classrooms.

Integrated Features
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