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Integrated Features
Integrated Program Features
At Hershey Montessori School, children are given keys to culture and life that are integrated into their experience every day. These experiences enable children to blossom and gain a true, holistic education.
Through their studies, children are engaged in diverse activities and creative endeavors alongside more traditional academics. While these activities are often referred to as "extra-curricular," we believe in their integration into daily classroom experience for the fullest development of the individual.

Full integration of "extra-curricular activities" enables students to apply their varied skills to ALL areas of academic study. This broad foundation provides the opportunity to become well rounded and to develop an active interest in more than one area of human endeavor. Because the enrichment provided by these areas is continually present and available, not only is exposure gained, but a child's particular passions are called out and given the freedom to flourish.

Music, visual art, drama, as well as physical education and foreign language are all part of the academic experience. Exposure to nature and the outdoors is considered vital and is also part of the child's daily life though nature walks, planting and harvesting vegetables and flowers in the gardens, excursions to local parks, etc.. Leadership, compassion and respect for life are encouraged through community service projects, while care of the body and awareness of health are fostered through cooking and nutrition lessons. As students grow older, technology becomes part of their work, providing access to information as well as the means to create documents and presentations.

Integrated Program Features:


Arts, Music and Drama

Language and Leadership

Food and Nutrition

Economics & Entrepreneurship

Sports & Physical Fitness

  • Soccer
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Flag Football
  • Balancing exercises
  • Coordination exercises
  • Movement/Dance
  • Skiing
  • Camping/Trips
  • Horseback Riding


Nature/Environmental Education

Integrated Features
Arts, Music & Drama
Language and Leadership
Food & Nutrition
Economics & Entrepreneurship
Sports & Physical Fitness


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