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Residential Life
The experience of living, working, and learning in a community setting is the next step on the journey to adulthood. When a student boards at the far, daily opportunities abound for learning how to meet one's personal needs while caring for the needs of others, forming strong bonds and meaningful relationships in the process.
Residential Life
Education truly becomes a whole-person endeavor when students live in the place where they study. They take ownership of their everyday needs, adopt stewardship of the land, and operate businesses that provide a reason for acquiring expertise. Personal growth occurs and students are transformed into well-rounded human beings, prepared for their journey into adulthood.

Life on the Farm
Students work, study, and play on the farm, which provides a real-world learning environment. Activities are carefully planned and structured to facilitate a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle.

Students experience a genuine sense of belonging through their connection to the land, their studies, their work, and through healthy relationships with adults and peers. Confidence and competence emerge as students become independent and responsible.

Work Hard, Play Hard
Students take an active role in every aspect of community life: they prepare meals, care for animals, work in the gardens, maintain school buildings, work in the woodshop, and assist with maple syrup production.

Outside of school hours boarding students have opportunities for planned and spontaneous physical activities such as running, biking, basketball, soccer, and horseback riding. They engage in open art sessions, have scheduled study halls, and enjoy the freedom of working and resting on the farm. On weekends, they plan regular outings that include shopping, visiting museums and parks, and attending cultural and sporting events.

The Hershey Montessori Adolescent Program is grounded in a community of students who live, work, and study together. Student-run operation of the farm and its related businesses is only possible because students are here to care for animals, for the gardens, and for each other full-time. Hallmarks of the boarding program include:

  • 5-day boarding and 7-day boarding options
  • A community of Montessori students from all over the United States and from around the world
  • The opportunity to learn to share space and live cooperatively with roommates
  • Participation in after-school physical education activities
  • Shared responsibility for operation of the farm outside of school hours
Boarding students help with:
  • Chores: They clean stalls, feed animals, manage firewood and the bioshelter furnace
  • Community work on weekends and after school: They work in gardens, care for animals (help with births and bottle -feeding) attend vet visits, repair equipment, go to the feed mill, work in the bioshelter, shovel snow, stack firewood, milk goats, collect and clean eggs, make baked goods.
  • Microeconomy businesses outside of school hours: They run the market stall, help with the B&B, make candles, baskets, wreaths, and maple syrup, and they work the pancake breakfasts.
Boarding students share responsibility for the running of the household and caring for community members:
  • They cook breakfast, dinner, and weekend brunches
  • They clean and maintain the house on the weekends
  • They bake
  • They do the kitchen and dining room laundry
  • They clean their rooms
Boarding students share in weekend activities:
  • They go horseback riding (trail rides)
  • They engage in craft and art activities
  • They play card and board games
  • They visit the public library
  • They go shopping for clothes and personal needs
  • They go to movies, museums, performances, sports events, and parks

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Parents can schedule a visit to our classrooms and experience the learning environment first hand. For more information, contact Kathy Beech, Director of Admissions at or call (440) 357-0918.

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