The Adolescent Community
A truly unique, authentic and exceptional program, the farm provides a perfect setting for students to take on adult-like responsibilities. Serving students 12 to 18 years old, the Adolescent Community provides a unique foundation to young adulthood.
A Truly Exceptional Life and Learning Environment
Hershey's montessori farm school serves adolescents ages 12 to 18 years.

The school is located at:
11530 Madison Road
Huntsburg, Ohio 44046

The Huntsburg Campus has a working farm, residential house, program barns, bio-shelter and classroom buildings on 97 acres of predominantly wooded land. It is the first farm school model of its kind to fully implement Dr. Montessori's ideas about education for adolescents. The program focuses on three areas of growth and experiences for students.


New starting Fall 2015

A Land-Based Upper School at Hershey Montessori

Adolescence is a period of intense preparation for adulthood, requiring gradual participation in experiences of social organization: the ways in which
people live and work together whether in close proximity or on the planet. Adolescents must experience how people cooperate, collaborate, divide labor, share
resources, problem-solve, and nurture respect for life and hope for the future. They must live such experiences as well as study, analyze, and understand the complex layers of human interdependence.

The environment Montessori described as best suited for this developmental task is an operating farm where students live, work, and study in a microcosm of society, engaging in the community's related commercial enterprises and by modern extension land and resource management and stewardship.

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Students are provided with core academic foundations:
  • mathemtatics
  • science
  • stewardship
  • history
  • language arts
  • and more

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Personal Growth
Exceptional learning experiences include:
  • public speaking
  • arts & sports
  • business & economics
  • entrepreneurship
  • after school activities
  • and more

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Residential Life & Boarding
Real-world, real life on a working farm, including:
  • working together
  • studying together
  • living together
  • playing together
  • optional boarding
  • and more

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The unique and specific conditions necessary for adolescents or "Erdkinder" to work and learn independently on the land are outlined in Maria Montessori's book, From Childhood to Adolescence. Hershey Montessori School hosts two weeks of the NAMTA Orientation Course for teachers of Adolescence and has become a world renowned model for Montessori education.

Hershey Montessori children come from all over the world and represent a range of socio-economic backgrounds, races, religions and cultures. Because the Hershey Montessori program is tailored to the individual developmental needs of each child, children of varying abilities thrive as they learn to live and work together in our community. Parents are welcomed as partners in the ongoing process of preparing their children for life.

Hershey Montessori values diversity and welcomes students without regard to race, color, creed or national origin.

Hands on Experience Leads to Deeper Understanding
As students interact on the farm, they understand how society is organized and learn divisions of labor. Compassion, diplomacy and collaboration skills are developed through experiencing human interdependence. Relationships with animals, plants and the planet are also emphasized, as the importance of sustainability is personally experienced.

Students take care of themselves, their community and many of the lives that surround them by:

  • Growing and cooking their own food
  • Managing natural resources
  • Caring for dependents (animals)
  • Overseeing a budget and operating businesses
  • Repairing and maintaining facilities
  • Providing services to neighbors

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Parents can schedule a visit to our classrooms and experience the learning environment first hand. For more information, contact Kathy Beech, Director of Admissions at kbeech@hershey-montessori.org or call (440) 357-0918.

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