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Huntsburg Campus
a Montessori Farm School
ABOUT Hershey
A truly unique, authentic, and exceptional program, the farm provides a perfect setting for students to act like adults. Serving students 12 to 15 years old, the Adolescent Community provides a unique foundation to young adulthood.
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Hands on Experience Elicits Quality Growth!
As students interact on the farm, they understand how society is organized and learn divisions of labor. Compassion, diplomacy and collaboration skills are developed through experiencing human interdependence. Relationships with animals, plants and the planet are also developed, as the importance of sustainability is personally experienced.

Students take care of themselves, their community and many of the lives that surround them by:

  • Growing and cooking their own food
  • Managing natural resources
  • Caring for dependents (animals)
  • Overseeing a budget and operating businesses
  • Repairing and maintaining facilities
  • Providing services to neighbors

Residential Life: Learning Independence
Living on the farm full-time elicits valuable ownership and maturity. It immerses the adolescent in genuine community life, which requires collaboration, contribution, a growing facility in social interaction, and an expanding sense of ethics.

Half of the student population resides on the farm. The boarding students experience a deeper life education through:

  • Learning to run the household and taking care of themselves and others
  • Living in a community of Montessori students from all over the United States and around the world
  • Running the farm and its businesses
  • Learning responsibility through daily chores
  • Cooking, planning menus, and operating a commercial kitchen
  • Participating in after-school activities like horseback riding and skiing
  • Enjoying cultural and group-oriented weekend activities

Extra Curricular Options for the Adolescent Community
Activities for the residential students are integrated into the boarding life and vary from day to day and by season. Boarding students engage in activities such as ultimate frisbee, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, informal music sessions in the living room, or preparing a formal specialty dinner. Many day students join regional sports or arts programs in their home district. Other programs offered to adolescent day students include:

  • Horseback riding
  • Skiing
  • Soccer
  • Girl Scout Cadettes

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Residential Life
Boarding Options
Extra Curricular Options

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