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About Hershey Montessori School
ABOUT Hershey
Hershey Montessori School offers an integrated, highly individualized, academically challenging program designed to meet the developmental needs of children from infancy through age fifteen. The school opened in 1978 and has grown to serve over 240 children on two campuses.
Imagine a beautiful place filled with activities that are designed around your needs, calling to your curiosity and imagination. Picture a community where children are surrounded by people who understand, encourage and challenge their strengths. Envision a child learning each day, immersed in a culture of respect and a course of study based upon personal interest and engagement.

Our Campuses
Hershey Montessori is comprised of two campuses located in Northeast Ohio; Concord serves infants through elementary and Huntsburg serves adolescents.

The Concord Campus
Serving infants through elementary of 2 months -12 years
10229 Prouty Road
Concord Twp. Ohio 44077

The Huntsburg Campus
A farm school serving adolescents of 12- 15 years
11530 Madison Road
Huntsburg, Ohio 44046

History of Hershey Montessori School
At the Concord Campus, children from infancy through age twelve experience a continuum of education consistent with the international standards of the AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) accrediting body. Dr. Montessori created AMI to ensure the integrity of the teacher-training, the quality of classroom materials, the age and range of children in a class, and the principles of teaching remain congruent with her vision. AMI consultations occur every three years at every level to ensure adherence to the standards and to continue professional development of the staff.

This consistency of approach by a stable and experienced Montessori faculty creates a unique learning community that supports high expectations and academic rigor grounded in developmentally appropriate activity. The Montessori faculty and administration is fully dedicated to preserving the integrity and authenticity of the AMI standards. This standard of quality is evident to the observer who witnesses high levels of independence and the spontaneous, deeply engaged activity of the students. Hershey Montessori continues to host AMI student teachers-in-training for their required observation and student teaching. Hosting student teachers creates a professionally engaging environment for both the teacher and the trainee.

A sense of community life is evident throughout the school. Older children work with younger children and develop a strong sense of responsibility and awareness of their role as models for and nurturers of the youngest children on the campus. Dr. Montessori described her earliest schools as "Casa Dei Bambini" which is Italian for "Children's House" rather than considering them as institutional environments. Hershey Montessori continues the tradition in its physical design, daily life and application of the Montessori method.

Mixed-Age Communities Foster Individual Growth
Because children do not master skills and concepts at the same chronological age, Hershey Montessori places students in groups that span three years that correspond to developmental levels.

Multi-age groupings create a nurturing, home-like community atmosphere. Younger children are motivated to advance by watching older children while older children advance their own understanding by helping younger ones.

Teachers get to know students' individual needs and learning patterns by working with students longer than a single year. When transitions are appropriate, moving to a new level is seamless because of teacher familiarity, consistency of approach, and support of individual evolution.

A Consistent Approach
Parents who come to Hershey find a safe, time-tested and consistent approach to their child's education from infancy through adolescence. Hershey is a community where parents can enjoy their child's development at each stage of the journey by staying informed about the process as it unfolds within their family.

School History
1978 The Rantala family opened Western Reserve Montessori School with 8 Primary children in a rental space behind a convenience store on Fern Drive in Painesville.
1979 A house was built on Prouty Road in Concord Twp. for Primary classes that would grow to 70 children by 1982.
1983 In response to the parents' request for an Elementary program for 15 children, the entire school moved to Grand River and rented an aging school building known as the Merrick-Hutchinson Building. School population: 78 three to seven year olds
1986 To meet the needs of families with infants and toddlers, the Young Child Community opened with 33 children. Jo Hershey Selden, president of The Hershey Foundation and grandmother of three children at the school, made a grant that allowed the school to purchase 11 acres on Prouty Road to build a new facility designed for children from birth to age 12. School population: 109
1989 The new facility built and owned by the school opened with 116 children. The Board of Trustees renamed the school Hershey Montessori School in honor of the Hershey family, major donors to the capital campaign.
1992 A major expansion of the Concord Campus over two years helped to grow the school at all levels and add a gymnasium and a kitchen. School population by 1995: 165
1996 The school opened the 7th and 8th grade on the Concord Campus with 20 students.
1999 The school purchased two acres south of the Concord Campus property to expand to 13 acres with a student population of 197 from birth through age 14.
2000 To meet the needs of the adolescents, the Huntsburg Campus opened on 97 acres with a new facility and farm on Madison Road in Huntsburg Twp. The day and boarding community for 12-15 year olds opened with 40 students.
2002 An expansion of the Concord Campus added facilities for art, music, dance, volunteers, and office space as well as expansion for parking.
2008 The new Community Center on the Huntsburg Campus opened to meet the growing needs of the adolescent program and staff. School population on two campuses: 243

Heads of School
1978-1983 Cynthia Rantala
1983-1995 Michael Bagiackas
1995-2006 Deborah Bricker
2006-present Paula Leigh-Doyle

 Huntsburg (the farm)

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Concord Campus: 10229 Prouty Rd. Concord, OH 44077
Huntsburg Campus: 11530 Madison Road, Huntsburg Twp., Ohio 44046
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